Metal Fabrication Portfolio

Our metal fabricators will reshape and enhance your roof top, waterfront or urban park project. We are committed to designing customized, innovative metal fabrication solutions that will transform your public or commercial space.

Urban Parks and Landscapes, Water Fronts and Rooftops

Our metalworkers create custom furniture built to meet the demands of the urban environment. Our extensive understanding of landscape design and urban elements encompass all facets of the urban space from functional seating, lighting and stairways to living walls, roof top gardens and more. With an innovative synthesis of wood, concrete and metal, we reimagine and fabricate for traditional and non-traditional open spaces. From design and CAD drawing to production fabrication, our fabricators will work with your architectural style, creating customized elemental structures that wow the masses.

Landscape Architecture

From urban development to urban renewal, metal fabrication is a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution. With a wide selection of metals, our craftsman employ a variety of molding and casting techniques to create urban elements that complement and enhance your space. With our visionary fabrication services we create all types of metal architectural structures including planters, living and retaining walls, furniture, stairs, railings, lighting fixtures, and more.

Featured Project: NYC's HIGH LINE (Phases 1 and 2)

NYC High Line

Reclaimed Rail Tracks and Car Wheels

IPE, Corten and Steel Movable Chaise Lounge

IPE and Stainless Steel Benches, Stainless Steel Light Fixtures

Teak, Stainless Steel, and Corten Radius Bench

Stainless Steel Staircase and Railings, Corten Walls

Aluminum Light Housing, Black Pipe Railing and Stainless X Mesh Black Fencing

Aluminum Light Housing, Black Pipe Railing and Stainless X Mesh Black Fencing

Corten Planter

Living Wall

Stainless Steel Paver Connectors

Corten Planter

IPE and Concrete Bench

Stainless Steel Walkway and Railings

Teak, Stainless Steel, and Corten Curved Bench

Stainless Steel Drainage Grills

Featured Project: Cooper Park, Manhattan

Iron Fencing

Curved Iron Park Bench

Curved Iron Park Benches & Fencing

Iron Flower Bed Guards

Other Projects

Ipe Garden Lounge Bench with Stainless Steel Supports

Bronze Light Fixtures and Planters

Powder Coated Plant Dividers

Stainless Steel Planters

Bronze Planters

Stainless Steel, Oak and Glass Display Table

Display Table with Brass Sub Frame and Glass Top

Iron and Glass Roof

Iron Tree Guards

Stainless Steel, Oak and Glass Display Table

NYC Bike Racks

Custom Display Racks

Sediment Basin (boxes) for Molluscs (shellfish) Newtown Creek Estuary (Brooklyn)

Sediment Basin (boxes) for Molluscs (shellfish) Newtown Creek Estuary (Brooklyn)

Experience Counts

All Materials, Conditions and Architectures

The custom metal fabricators at Hammersmith Metal have developed a reputation for creating high quality fabrication that accentuates urban landscapes. Our fabrication work is showcased throughout New York City, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey.

To learn more about our services or submit your specifications, give us a call at 917-865-8791 or email us and put our 30 years of fabrication success to work on your project.